april 2015


This year's Indoestri Day which was held on Saturday, March 28th 2015 is very special since it comes with an introduction to Made in Indoestri, a collaboration project between Indoestri and one of the biggest crowdfunding platfrom in Indonesia kitabisa.com


There are three different projects divided by its scale; Small Project (Vestigium), Medium Project (One Stop Recycling Zone),
and Large Project (Prefab Housing Concept).  These projects come with an intention of maximizing the localization area around Indoestri Makerspace which is in Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta. We invite Indoestri team and members to be a part of this projects and reveal the mock-up at our workshop during the 2nd Indoestri Day.


Other than that, people who come can also enjoy an exhibition by Indoestri Members and corporate partners, Pasar Indoestri, Membership Promo, and Community Engagement Talkshow with KOMPAS.


In the 2nd Indoestri Day, KOMPAS supported us and bringing a live silk screen on canvas bag activities that especially designed for Indoestri Day, quoting Soe Hok Gie powerful quotes that really can relate to Indoestri and Kompas itself "Semua boleh berubah, semua boleh baru. Tapi satu yang harus dipegang, kepercayaan." and a community engagement talkshow from KOMPAS with Sulyana Andikko (Community Engagement) and Sumpono Banuardi Nugroho (Business Innovation).


Indoestri Members' Endah Wulandari with her brand Little Museum which focusing bringing a mix of both Indonesian traditional style and pop culture told us that "It's a very great event and platform to meet like minded people and share my works with others. I've completed the inhouse 101, and look forward to explore more different materials to be applied to my products."


Reza and Victor, Indoestri Members teamed up and bring along his stationery wooden products under the name Perfectsign that also being exhibited at Indoestri Day. All of the products are made using a high quality of maple wood has successfully brought a minimalist yet sophisticated stationery products.


Another friendly ambiance also came from Pasar Indoestri at Dawn&Willow which also well known as Cafe at Indoestri. We carefully curated the brands for Pasar Indoestri who also share the same Self Made spirit with us. There are pottery, handmade, craft, fashion goods as well as a good food that participated during Pasar Indoestri.


For this year's Membership Promo we came up with a one month cashback promo for full member and a chance to win Gorkhas by OWND, Lima Sore by Lima Watch, and Horween Card Leather by Born Goods. We're very grateful for the participation and support towards our second Indoestri Day and there's nothing better than welcoming a bunch of people as our new family members and meeting new and familiar faces during this event. Thank you for all who made Indoestri Day another successful and a day worth remembering for all of us.


We also would like to thank our sponsors  kitabisa.com, KOMPAS, SSR Institute, Aqustica, TONS Lighting, Little Museum, Brainless, DOKU, PRESTO, Sentras Box, Layer, Perfect Sign, Dhenig Leather, dan Printerous.