december 2014

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2014 has given us so much and we decided to give thanks by making Indoestri Year End Event on December 20th 2014. What differs Indoestri Year End Event with other usual weekend at Indoestri are we have 3 classes running at the same time ranging from Architecture, Embroidery, as well as introducing our first in house Metalworking 101 Class, a collaboration between Red Cloud Indonesia Jeans and Indoestri titled Red Cloud x Self Made, Wooden Box Making station at our workshop, live mural by the talented illustrator Jamal Aziz (@lapantigatiga), and last but not least an intimate Christmas Market at Dawn&Willow or usually known as #cafeatindoestri.


On that special day, we invite public and Indoestri Members to join us. The day started early with our Christmas market that started at 10am with the jolly atmosphere which surrounded the whole area. There were a good selection of dessert from Surely Someday Kitchen, Eskimomo, Bakedstuff, and Baketionary, art prints from Pasar Gambar, pottery from Ayu Larasati, fashion goods from Lima Watch, Kana Goods, OWND, Born Goods, and Zayn & Leather.