December 2017

December 2017

Indoestri Day 7, which took place on the 25th and 26th of November 2017 at our makerspace is an free entry and open-for-all event where anyone is free to stop by and look around. Over 450 people came during the two day event at Indoestri Makerspace last weekend. People came alone, with their friends, or their whole family, to enjoy their weekend, but more importantly, to explore what it means to be Self Made.

 We always aim to spread with people the true spirit of Self Made. We believe that what really matters is not much in the destination, but the experiences in between the milestones. Self Made means not rushing to the finish line, but looking around and enjoying the journey, because if the process and journey is filled with deep passion and curiosity, the result will follow. 

The theme for this Indoestri Day is “Made in Indoestri”. For this event, our aim was to share with everyone through its Made in Indoestri Exhibition, everything that it has done over the course of three years, they’ve held over 400 workshops, encouraged over 4625 individuals to step out of their comfort zone and realize what they are capable of. This Indoestri Day, we wish to look back at our craft, and everyone involved. Because without these people, we would not be where we are right now. We believe that their craft and influence has resonate with so many individuals — craft and influence that are made in Indoestri. Through this Exhibition, we hope to show beyond doubt that they are constantly growing, they support projects that matter, and they celebrate all things #MadeInIndoestri.   

As usual, Indoestri Day also offered visitors and guests a look and hands-on experience at the process of creating and taking care of different types of products with live demonstration by 8different talented and unique makers. To name a few: Silversmithing by Mada of Kal Akarra, Weaving by Irene Yuliana, Pattern Making and Kimono Jacket Making by Wilsen Willim, Macramé Wall Hanging Making by Janet of Fiber Motel, Ukulele Making by Andi Mahardika, and many more. Visitors can also enjoy a tour of our makerspace and see what Indoestri does on a daily basis, as well as a look at  a total of 14 local artisan shops (both non - f&b and f&b) who shares the similar SelfMade spirit as Indoestri at Pasar Indoestri at Dawn and Willow (cafe at Indoestri). 

Jamal (@lapantigatiga), a hand lettering artist, and Muchlis Fachri (@muklay), an illustrator, was at the makerspace on the first and second day of the event to interact with visitors and sketch out images and illustrations using HP’s Spectre notebook, and using one of HP printers, print out the finished artwork that they had specially made on the spot for the visitors. 

On the first day of the event, we invited Denica Flesch (Founder and CEO of Sukkha Citta) and Stephanie Yoe (Venture partner of Fenox Venture Capital, Corporate Strategy & Business Development of JAPFA Group, and a co-judge of The Big Start Indonesia) to a talkshow moderated by Leonard Theosabrata to discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur today. 

One day workshops like 5 Panel Hat Making (25/11) and Denim Work Shorts Making (26/11) with Zulfiqar Yahya of Batavia Jeans Studio, which were supported by Lee Jeans, also took place during the 2 day event.