Our events get communities together around a smoky BBQ, a band performance at our backyard or around workshop creations during Indoestri Day. Check out our event calendar and get your friends to gather with us at Indoestri.




Indoestri Day is a semi annual event by Indoestri Makerspace that aims to inspire people of all backgrounds to understand and appreciate the importance of process. This event will offer you a look and hands-on experience at the process of creating different products. We have evolved over the years and is excited to officially the theme for this Indoestri Day: Made In Indoestri.


Reasons why you should stop by Indoestri Day #7:

  • Its free entry and open for public! Whoever can come by and take a look, we will open you with open arms!
  • There are lots and lots of activities that you can enjoy, like live demo, and talkshow, the exciting indoestri tour, and Pasar Indoestri
  • Its a great way to get inspired and have some fun, not a typical weekend for sure!


Below are details of the events, that you should totally look forward to!





Saturday & Sunday

25th-26th November 2017

10 AM - 8 PM 



Indoestri Makerspace

Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 36

Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat


Google Maps:

Waze: search “Indoestri Makerspace”











  •   Silversmithing demo by Mada of Kal Akarra,
  •   Ukulele Making demo by Andi Mahardika of Mahardika Instrument,
  •   Weaving demo by Irene Yuliana,
  •   Leather Product Making demo by Leonard Theosabrata,
  •   Denim Jeans Making demo by Zulfiqar Yahya of Batavia Jeans Studio,
  •   Bookbinding & Leather Product Making demo by Indoestri Makers,
  •   Macramé Wall Hanging Making demo by Janet Jane of Fiber Motel, 
  •   Pattern Making & Kimono Jacket Making demo by Wilsen Willim
  •   more to be announced!



Get a customized artwork by Jamal and Muklay, made on the spot just for you at our makerspace. This is all free of charge! You will receive a printed out version of the personalized and customized artwork, printed using HP’s printed available at our makerspace (thanks to our main sponsor, HP!)



Saturday, 25 November: Jamal (@lapantigatiga)

Time: 11 AM - 5 PM

Sunday, 26 November: Muklay 

Time: 11 AM - 5 PM




Print any photo you want from your smartphone, using HP’s printer right here at our makerspace! Indoestri Day is filled with very exciting activities, so take some great pictures, and remember those moments forever by printing it out for free!  


Location: Makerspace (2nd floor) 

Time: All day, 25-26 November 2017



We have gathered various respectable people from different backgrounds to share their vision, stories of hardship, and most importantly the process of becoming a #SelfMade individual. The talkshow will be moderated by Leonard Theosabrata.


Key Person:



Talkshow details:

Date   : Saturday, 25th November 2017

Time   : 16.00 - end

Venue : Studio Class at Indoestri Makerspace

             Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 36

             Rawa Buaya, Jakarta Barat

RSVP to with subject “Indoestri Talkshow” your name and phone number. The talkshow is limited to only 30 seats!



Details coming soon!





5 Panel Hat Making (Supported by Lee Jeans) 


Why buy when you can make your own! Learn to make your own 5 panel hat from scratch with Zulfiqar Yahya of Batavia Jeans Studio! You will learn about patterns, cutting, and using the sewing machine to make your hat which you get to bring home at the end of the workshop!


In this class, you will learn:

  • About 5 panel hat pattern, and to make the right pattern on fabric for the cap
  • How to properly cut fabric according to the patter
  • To use the sewing machine to assemble all the different parts into a great looking workcap
  • Apply leather to the hat for adjustment
  • How to put on D-ring for attachment


 Instructor: Zulfiqar Yahya of Batavia Jeans Studio
Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017
Duration: 6 hours (10 AM - 4 PM)
Course Fee: IDR 650.000 Discounted Price: IDR 325.000
Workshop details & registration: here



Denim Work Shorts Making (Supported by Lee Jeans) 


FUN FACT! Do you know that men’s and women’s zippers are positioned on opposite sides?! It is because Women’s clothing was originally designed to have someone else dress them, so they are for the convenience of a right handed person working on the clothing while it’s on someone else!


Its great to be able to wear shorts everyday, but it would be much greater to be able to learn make one yourself!! If you’re a fan of denim and would like to know more about the world of denim, the manufacturing process, and learn to operate the sewing machine to sew your own shorts, join our Denim Work Short making workshop with Batavia Jeans Studio!


In this class, you will learn to:

  • Understand the manufacturing process in general
  • Understand the world of denim
  • Properly use the sewing machine
  • Apply button snap to your work short
  • Apply zipper to your work short
  • Make your own #SelfMade denim work shorts!


 Instructor: Zulfiqar Yahya of Batavia Jeans Studio
Date: Sunday, 26th November 2017
Duration: 6 hours (10 AM - 4 PM)
Course Fee: IDR 850.000 Discounted Price: IDR 425.000
Workshop details & registration: here





Pasar Indoestri is a small yet intimate market with a mission to gather good people around good food and good atmosphere at our well known cafe, Dawn & Willow.


What makes Pasar Indoestri so distinctive is that we carefully select the local tenants by not only their proficiency in selling their products, but also by the fact that they have the #SelfMade spirit within them. Take a look and come join us! 


Lifestyle & Fashion:

Sukkha Citta

Dimanja Bumi

Imaji Studio

Atiya Living


Taman Hayat

Lokka Lekkr

Indoestri Staff’s Stuff

and more to be annouced!


Food & Beverage:

Three Folks

Petik Petik

Tema Tea

Cotton and Tartlets

Donat Ogud

Guten Morgen





Free keychain for first 30 customers, and lucky dip for purchase over IDR 1.000.000!

Don't miss out!