june 2015



Words by Reyna Clarissa & Fransisca Angela

If you've ever found yourself at Indoestri Makerspace on Saturday mornings, here's something that you must do - take a stroll around the area and observe very distinct activities being done at different spots. Collect some courage to speak to class participants and hear interesting stories about their decision to take the class. Then, treat yourself a plate of homemade food at our cafe, Dawn & Willow, at lunch time!


Last Saturday, our lounge has turned into a forum for starting your brand, a class with Indoestri Makerspace’s founder, Mr. Leonard Theosabrata; our studio was filled with loud hammer noise as class participants were busy crafting their self-made license wallets and people at our makerspace learned the basic of woodworking by making a toolbox.

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Words by Reyna Clarissa

Who said these three elements can’t get along together? We proved you wrong.
On June 13, we combined pottery for kids, techniques of finishing a product and desk lamp making under the same roof. The results? Wide smiles on kids and parents’ faces, constant clicks of light switches and decorative red spray paint on different surfaces.


It is very rare that you’d find kids at our makerspace on Saturday - usually one or two who loyally wait for their parents, but this time, it’s the other way around. About twelve kids got their hands dirty when making hand-built bowls. With some help from beloved moms and dads, our instructor, Ayu Larasati, left Indoestri Makerspace with expressive-looking bowls with elephant, unicorn, butterfly, T-rex, you say it! We can’t wait to pick up these pieces from the kiln!