may 2015

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Words & photos by Fransisca Angela

Self Made People is a regularly updated story from Indoestri Makerspace where we feature inspiring people, designers, makers, and thinkers who share the same spirit with us and have become a part of our community in Indoestri.

Before joining Indoestri as one of the leather instructors, Fredy is usually known as a wedding photographer. Being a freelance photographer by himself requires him to handle all of his clients alone, starting from meetings, looking for references, location scouting, shooting the wedding, doing the post production, taking care of his client’s needs, until making an invoice and deliver the package of their photographs printed on an album to be cherish forever.

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Words by Fransisca Angela

With the lack of venue for like minded musician sharing their passion in music, we've come up with an idea to held a music event called Round Up at Dawn and Willow. Round Up is a laid back kind evening event where we invite people to gather around good music and atmosphere at our humble cafe, Dawn and Willow hosted by Made in Indoestri team.


At Round Up, we're giving a space for those who love music to perform and showcase their talent to public, no more bathroom singer because we'd love to have their voice be heard by more people, therefore we opened an Open Mic submission and happy to have Theresia Aprilia and Ivan Desember performing at our first Round Up.


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Words by Reyna Clarissa & Fransisca Angela

It was another Saturday at Indoestri Makerspace with our lobby filled with people, classrooms and studio well-prepared for that day’s activities and a wonderful smell coming from our cafe, Dawn and Willow, enough to get us guessing what’s for lunch.


At 10 o’clock participants were ready, flipping through the syllabus pages and preparing themselves for what that day would offer. Mrs. Sancaya Rini’s class was held at Indoestri Makerspace’s lounge with a total of 23 class members. She started the class by sharing about her passion on natural dyeing by using natural resources such as flowers, wood, leaves, fruit, etc.