"The curated market of all things cool", Brightspot Market once again held its annual event, this time by building a four days pop up mall at The Space, Senayan City. OWND and Lima Watch, both the brands which born under Indoestri's Self Made spirit, launched their first products at the most anticipated event of the year.


Leonard Theosabrata is the man behind Old World New Discovery, who is also one the founder of Indoestri Makerspace. People can easily spotted OWND's Gorkhas Shoes, Apron, and Throw Denim Jacket which all made by Leonard himself in the grand launching of OWND at Brightspot Market.


OWND's  booth suddenly grab people's attention when Leonard offers a customised initial for people who bought either Apron or Gorkhas Shoes. Adding a small yet meaningful value to the happy customers.